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The link to the Wall Street Journal article, “The Mystery Worshipper”, which quotes Metzger, is proving to be helpful in exploring issues raised in Consuming Jesus.  As a result we decided to post links to other discussions related to the book.  There will be more links to come.’s Review of Consuming Jesus
Inhabitatio Dei Review of Consuming Jesus
Internet Monk’s Review of Consuming Jesus 

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  1. benjamin malick Says:

    These reviews were really helpful, especially Inhabitatio Dei’s breakdown of the content. It’s always good for me to review and rehash important points in books like these so that the importance of this knowledge doesn’t just fall away as I plunge head long into the next piece of theological literature on my shelf. I am truly feeling “consumed” by the oozing of awareness from Metzger’s work as it drips from my head to my heart. Thanks.

  2. David Sanford Says:

    I’m so glad the Wall Street Journal quoted Dr. Paul Louis Metzger at the end of their recent feature article exploring the pros and cons of the consumer church. His quote (the only one by a theologian) provided a much-needed exclamation point.
    I’m so grateful that Dr. Metzger read and endorsed my new book, If God Disappears (Tyndale House Publishers), providing a number of helpful insights during the editing process. In the book, I address nine reasons why millions of American adults have left the church. In many cases, they’ve not only lost their faith in the church, but also in Christian beliefs, in Scripture, and in God himself.
    Sadly, many people feel their church isn’t a safe place to talk about something like this and, as a result, of all the U.S. adults who consider themselves to be Christians, 31 million have quit going to church, quit meeting with other Christians in any way shape or form, and for all practical purposes have given up.
    According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 230 million adults live in the U.S. So we’re talking about what’s already happened to 2 out of every 15 adults in America.
    So, why doesn’t the U.S. church openly and honestly talk about this huge crisis?
    Instead, they’re hiring mystery shoppers.
    No wonder millions are cynical.

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