Is the Consumer Church Being Exported to Africa?

In this essay, Alex Mutagubya laments a troubling trend he sees in the Ugandan church: the appropriation of consumeristic tendencies from the Western church.  He addresses the divisions that this trend has caused, builds a biblical and theological basis for correcting this trend, and then offers practical solutions, all within the historical and cultural context of Uganda.  His hope is for the Ugandan church “to see the beauty that God intended for it in having all these tribes and people live and worship together,” as we all will soon enough with Christ’s return.

The Church Viewed as a Voluntary Association

3 Responses to “Is the Consumer Church Being Exported to Africa?”

  1. James Teira Says:

    This is a very good essay Alex. It has comfirmed my fears and the way I should grow our new church plant. Jesus worked with the educated and the uneducated. The Jews and the Samaritans who are we to focus on one group of people for our selfish interest.

  2. Jeff Atherstone Says:


    I am so happy that you have addressed this issue. It was weighing heavily on my mind yesterday in chapel. For some reason I felt uncomfortable that all our songs were in English and Luganda. I even began to notice that our students from northern Uganda, Burundi and Kenya were all sitting near the back. Before I had assumed that they were disinterested in worship but now I am sensing more that they are feeling excluded from worship.

    Continue to use your prophetic voice to speak into the life to speak into the life and worship of the church!

  3. Abednego O.F. Oghenekevwe Says:

    This is a great essay. For quite sometime now the LORD has been showing me the state of the church in terms of the practicality of our faith as christians in our daily living. To show you how strong the LORD is impressing this upon my heart and the need for the church to pursue a holistic gospel (and probably the way HE feels about it) l’m passionately writing my Doctoral degree dissertation on to topic “The Concept of Faith in the Old Testament and Its Implications for Christians in Warri metropolis”. The church has not faired well in showing love to the brethren in the church and in her community. Something to be done. If you have materials on the topic of my dissertation, please send it through my email: or This is one way we can work together to make the church live up to Christ’s demand upon her: preaching the gospel, living a sanctified life, teaching the Word of God by words and by our life-style, and demonstrating our faith in God by our obedience to him.

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