Jacques Derrida and Structural Evil

Is the much maligned (and praised) philosopher Jacques Derrida, father of deconstruction, a misunderstood liberator in need of a little liberation himself?  In this essay, Braxton Alsop gives a sympathetic ear to Jacques Derrida as a liberation theologian in his own right, analyzing how well Derrida addresses human suffering caused by structural evil. Braxton then sets forth his own views on God, salvation, and the church, explaining how a Trinitarian perspective better addresses the shared concern for structural evil.

Jacques Derrida and Structural Evil

3 Responses to “Jacques Derrida and Structural Evil”

  1. chapat huysen Says:

    yes he is a strange amalgam of devil and angel. but the important thing is that his contribution to everything is no-thing (rather like the invention of the zero). so many people have come and changed the way we see everything but derrida that old dodo has really changed everything about the way we see. now that is pure genius as regards adding your pail-full to the ever flowing river of time.

  2. Melissa Scott Says:

    We all know that evil is just around the corner, thats why we should have more faith in God. This is the only way that we will be protected from evil.

  3. David Barton Says:

    People always has the tendency to side on evil, there are a lot of temptation to this, we can only hold onto our belief in God to resist these temptations

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