The John 17:23 Network – March gathering (with a special focus on illegal immigration)

On Sunday, March 13, The John 17:23 Network will take a special look at how the values of the network penetrate the issue of illegal immigration – moving beyond petty politics to people. This will be a great opportunity to engage the many complex issues surrounding this specific challenge to unity in the Body of Christ.

Join us on Sunday, March 13 at 6:00pm at Imago Dei Community (1304 SE Ankeny in Portland) in the Ankeny building, room 101. This event is open to the public. See you there!

For some material to get you thinking, check out the film Papers, this article by J. Mark DeYmaz and this op-ed by Rabbi Maurice Harris.

6 Responses to “The John 17:23 Network – March gathering (with a special focus on illegal immigration)”

  1. Paul Louis Metzger Says:

    Many thanks to all those who attended last night’s gathering on illegal immigration. Elmer and Fabiola helped us put a face on the issue. They led us to visualize the people and their plight, moving the discussion to another level and beyond mere politics.

  2. Cornelia Seigneur Says:

    I really enjoyed last night’s gathering at Imago Dei for the John 17:23 Network. I found the topic of illegal immigration very interesting and eye opening. When you hear stories you learn so much. I liked all of the interactions and questions and open dialogue. Thanks for organizing this. I know Gerry really liked being there as well.

    I look forward to the May topic of refugees!

    Cornelia Seigneur

  3. Fabiola Says:

    I felt the dialogue was great at this gathering. I truly appreciated every ear that was lent to me, Elmer, and everyone else that shared personal insights and the questions that were asked. There was definitely a good energy in the room, which facilitated great discussion. Thank you all for being there and engaging on a topic that is so dear to my heart. Please feel free to follow up with any remaining comments/questions/concerns with me at

    Peace be with you all!

  4. David Stevens Says:

    Great evening of discussion! We’ve got to deal with these issues. They are complicated and sensitive, but urgent for the church to address. The reminder of God’s heart for the “alien” was timely. Having lived in France for some 15 years, I too know how it feels to be part of the “out-group” rather than the “in-group.” I pray that we as a church can, with God’s help, do a better job of addressing this issue.

    On another note, I so look forward to our time of prayer in April at Trinity Pentecostal. I trust that our churches will be mobilized to participate together in this time of prayer for the unity of God’s people.

  5. Dan Lundy Says:

    Irresistibly Gracious. My all-too-frequent tendency to look the other way, or cross the street when encountering those in need was challenged in a most gracious and engaging manner this past Sunday evening. Rabbi Maurice Harris, in his commentary on immigration law, reminds us that those who are “strangers in a strange land, without protection, without connections and without right(s)” are not only loved by God but are to be loved by us. The discussion led by Fabiola Casas and Elmer Yarborough provided gracious and compelling reasons to find ways to reach out in love to those who are vulnerable and without advocacy in our communities. Specifically, the children of undocumented immigrants are not lawbreakers – they are, after all children! Thank you for this gentle reminder to see the world through the eyes of our Creator.

  6. Gretchen Cain Says:

    I was so grateful for the opportunity to gather with other Christians concerned about the issue of illegal immigration. The media coverage of this issue is so focused on the economic and political calculus of the various options & plans that I think the individuals get lost in the mix. The personal stories from their own past experience of the speakers were enlightening and moving. The obvious passion and care voiced by those who attended during the Q & A session were encouraging and motivating. While I realize that there are many views about this issue within the church, I think it is great progress simply to resolve together to focus on the individuals we interact with and who are part of our community.

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