The John 17:23 Network – April gathering

The John 17:23 Network will be gathering for a time of worship, prayer, and celebration on Sunday, April 10 at 6:00pm at Trinity Full Gospel Pentecostal Church (4801 NE 19th Ave. in Portland). We hope you’ll join us!

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  1. David Stevens Says:

    It was a great joy to fellowship in praise and prayer once again with Pastor Turner’s congregation. My wife, Mary Alice and I were very encouraged by the interactions we had with several, as well as by the opportunity to spend some quality time in prayer for one another across denominational and ethnic lines. We sensed the Spirit at work. Cooky Wall also did a great job of summarizing where we’ve been and where we’re going as a network. She’s a great representative for New Wine! Many thanks to Pastor Turner’s congregation for hosting this event.

    I was reminded once again of the “marathon” nature of this endeavor. We were fewer in number than the previous gathering, but definitely went deeper in prayer this time. Let’s keep the vision before us!

  2. Cooky Wall Says:

    Many thanks for your encouragement, Pastor Stevens, and thank you Pastor Turner for hosting this time of worship and celebration. While we were fewer in number, there were many new faces, including new ones from the church we attend. The prayer was rich, indeed, and God used the leadership of Pastor Stevens as he took us through Ephesians to draw us TOGETHER in unity regarding who we are TOGETHER in Christ and where we want to go TOGETHER through the efforts of The John 17:23 Network. I found myself drawn into the heartbeat of the dancers as they worshipped. It was a beautiful expression. God’s glory will be seen when Jew and Gentile are worshipping together….oh, the joy of worshipping TOGETHER in the context of the multi-ethnic body of Christ is truly beyond words. I love the thought of confounding the powers and authorities of the unseen realms by our worshipping together. Amen?

  3. Bob Wall Says:

    I just want to express my thanks to God for his patience. We all know that the simple fact that race is a barrier to christians worshiping together is an embarrasment. That’s a splinter that we need to take out of our own eye! Yet, God is patient and he demonstrated it again Sunday as he blessed us all. I can see his hand building one relationship after another. Again and again I heard the phrase, “I remember you from last month”, or “it’s good to see you again.” Without a doubt, the John 1723 network is a miracle movement. Ephesians 2:15 spells it out quite well…”His purpose was to create in himself one new man out of the two, this making peace.” That works for me! Se you next month.

  4. Mariko Metzger Says:

    Thank you Pastor and Mrs. Turner for hosting our gathering and for your gracious exhortation to worship together. Thank you, Cooky and Pastor Stevens, for renewing our vision and hope of pressing into becoming a community united in Christ, the one and only Head. The cross of Christ uniting Jews and Gentiles that Pastor Stevens reminded us of is the foundation that sustains and moves us forward. Cooky, your emphasis on the word TOGETHER is something that has been tugging at my heart lately. Thank you, Bob, for pointing us to God who is patient. The problem of race is something like the story of the blind people touching an elephant; it is so big and difficult to know what it is that we are touching. Because of different life experiences, likes and dislikes, the spirit of the time and place in which we live, etc., people tend to come up with their own answers as to what the thing is. It has been a gradual process for me to realize the enormity of the issue. And I agree with Bob that it is a miracle when people from diverse backgrounds come together to worship to share the love of Christ to one another. Thank you, everyone, for coming. We are being transformed!

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