I’d rather be shopping

The Wall Street Journal published an article on October 10th about secret shoppers– for churches– entitled “The Mystery Worshipper.” ¬†Metzger is quoted in the article, and it’s a sobering account of how churches are rated for quality and comfort through the lens of a church shopper. ¬†Check it out¬†here. ¬†What is your reaction to this article? Some questions to consider: ¬†

  • What message do you think the secret shopper¬†model¬†communicates about the ultimate goal and purpose of the church? ¬†
  • Is this message biblical?¬†
  • Do you think church-goers should be¬†approached¬†as religious consumers in order to grow congregations?¬†
  • Can the two concerns of consumer comfort and preaching the gospel co-exist, or will one ultimately drive out the other?¬†
  • Do you think approaching¬†the church as a provider¬†of religious¬†commodities proves to confuse the message of Christ rather than clarify it?¬†

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